Firestone Polymers


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Technical Data Sheets
35AC10 Diene™ Plastics Grade 40NF Diene™ Rubber Grade
55AC10 Diene™ Plastics Grade 55NF Diene™ Rubber Grade
55AC15 Diene™ Plastics Grade 140ND Diene™ Rubber Grade
70AC10 Diene™ Plastics Grade 635 Diene™ Rubber Grade
70AC15 Diene™ Plastics Grade 645 Diene™ Rubber Grade
35NF Diene™ Rubber Grade Diene™ -- Typical Properties
Material Safety Data Sheets
Diene™ Polybutadiene Rubber
Technical Data Sheets
Duradene™ 706 Duradene™ 751B
Duradene™ 711 Duradene™ 753B
Duradene™ 738 Duradene™ 756B
Duradene™ 739 Duradene™ 763B
Duradene™ 741 Duradene™ -- Typical Properties
Duradene™ 750B
Material Safety Data Sheets
Duradene™ Solution SBR Polymers (non-oil)
Duradene™ Solution SBR Polymers (oil-extended)
Duradene™ Solution SBR Polymers (oil-extended, "B" designation)
Technical Data Sheets
Baled Stereon™ 721AC
Material Safety Data Sheets
Stereon™ Block Copolymers (baled)
Stereon™ Block Copolymers (pelletized)
Bridgestone Environmental Mission Statement
Mission Statement
ISO Certificates
ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Orange, TX, Plant
ISO 14001:2004 Certificate for Orange, TX, Plant
ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Lake Charles, LA, Plant
ISO 14001:2004 Certificate for Lake Charles, LA, Plant

Stereon® butadiene-styrene SB and SBS block copolymers – for grafting and melt blending plastic applications, as well as for non-woven hot melt adhesives, bookbinding adhesives, and roofing and paving asphalts.

Diene™ solution-polymerized polybutadiene rubber grades – for a variety of applications, including plastics, tires, mechanical rubber goods, and golf balls.

Duradene® solution-polymerized styrene- butadiene rubber, (SBR) – for performance tire compounds and demanding extruded and molded rubber goods applications.